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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 it could be sunday or monday before crews recover the suv that fell off the combs-hehl bridge into the ohio river. search and rescue teams postponed the recovery efforts because of dangerous river conditions.crews immediately put boats into the water and emergency workers also responded to the bridge around 4-30 tuesday.witnesses saw it... but didn't quite believe what they were seeing at first. a multi-vehicle accident
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went right over the bridge... nose first into the ohio river. 3 00:31. i was in the middle lane, two cars ahead of me was a semi. 36 and all i seen was it go over. i guess the car had cut it off :39 and the semi had hit the left side of the bridge :42 and i seen cars spinning and i was just slowing down. i didn't stop because i knew if i stopped, i would get hit 47. so then it hit the left side, it moved right to the right side, hit the wall, and then i seen the car fly over :53 the bridge :542:08 i just felt really sorry for whoever was in there 2:10campbell county police say at this point they have no information on who might've been in the car. 3 it's one of cincinnati's latest unsolved homicides. truh- zone mahaffey was shot and killed while sitting in his car at a gas station in avondale on sunday.mahaffey's family and other mothers of murdered men stood together near the gas station where mahaffey died yesterday.. they're calling for someone to come forward. for marlene jones, having women around her who know what she's going
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3 marlene jones mother of trazone mahaffey (mahalfey) 08.33-43"i'm going to exchange numbers with the ladies so if i need somebody and my family is not there for me i have somebody to talk to. i just thank you guys for everything, so much help."police have surveillance video but still need help. if you have any information call crimestoppers , 352-3040 3 the city of cincinnati is looking at the possibility of offering jobs to homeless people.council member yvette simpson is asking the city to cover 50- thousand dollars of the more than 100- thousand dollar project.the goal is to get 15 to 20 homeless people jobs in construction or seasonal work at city parks. but not everyone is on board. (kevin flynn, (c) cincinnati city council)02:02:31 "50,000 may only be 50,000 and when you're looking at 13 million it's a drop in the bucket, but 50,000 here, 50,000 there... it starts to add up." 02:02:42 (yvette simpson, (d) cincinnati city council) 01:49:51 what this pilot is going to show is with some very strategic partnership and support, we can get homeless
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01:49:58the proposal calls for the 50-thousand dollars to come out of the reserve contingency fund.the city manager's office is now looking into whether the money could come from somewhere else 3 the university of cincinnati's president breaks his silence on cincinnati's new streetcar, saying the system *should be expanded to the school's campus.santa ono made the comments in a recent speech to students about technology and innovation.he talked about the importance of public transportation to college students.planning for what's known as phase one- b of the streetcar has been stalled the last two years -- since city council voted to restart the current downtown- over- the- rhine phase in december 2013. mayor john cranley has said the next step should not be considered, until the city can study the success of the first. building the route up to u.c. was in the original streetcar development plans -- until shortly after governor john kasich took office in 2011.he pulled all 52- million dollars in state funding for the project. 3
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online.polar bears "berit" and "little one" managed to figure out how to open a door that led them out of their enclosure yesterday. the zoo says the public was never in any danger because the door leads to what they call a "second containment area". that area was secured and, eventually, the two bears were back where they started.. unharmed. 3 everyone is irish on st. patrick's day...why not start with a traditional irish breakfast? that's what the folks are doing at molly malone's. local 12's perry schaible joins us *live* from covington with more on what customers can expect. 3 top o' the morning to ya! the luck of the irish is upon us....and for many the day starts with kegs and eggs. that's what people can do here at molly malone's starting at 7 am. this is video 3 of last years celebration. the
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door today get a souvenir shirt. there will be music, dancing, and of this year the restaurant is working with the cincinnati gaelic athletic association. court street will be closed. a large tent will be put up. volunteers will demonstrate traditional irish sports like gaelic football and hurling. st. patrick's day is named after the patron saint of ireland. it's the official feast day...named in the early
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3 perry will be at the pub all morning long and bring you a look from inside in our six o'clock hour. 3 a piece of history will be demolished.up next, we'll tell you which local hotel is going to be torn down.cincinnati's skyline is one of the best. we'll tell you how it ranks among the top in the country.
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3 the owners of a historic downtown hotel want to tear it down.the dennison hotel on main street near seventh has been empty for years.the city's historic conservation board would have to sign off on demolition application with the city indicates the property, which is on the streetcar line, is part of a future redevelopment. 3 cincinnati's skyline is one of the best in the nation.these are some pictures of the skyline taken by our
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the writers at thrillist think so highly of it.. they named it the 10th best in america. new york, with all of it's skyscrapers, came in one spot ahead of us at number nine. the queen city got praise for it's varying styles of buildings.. sports stadiums.. and the suspension bridge. seattle.. chicago.. and las vegas took the top three spots in that order. 3 a new supreme a new 3 a new supreme court justice nominee.up next, we'll tell you why a kentucky senator is putting up a fight.shelling out a pretty penny.we'll tell you how much families are going to spend celebrating
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3 3 senate republicans say they will not act on a supreme court justice nominee before the election. just minutes after president obama introduced merrick garland.. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said no.he remains adamant that whoever is elected president this year should make that pick. it has nothing to do with garland's credentials. the harvard law grad is the chief judge on the u- s court of appeals in washington. 3 "fidelity to the constitution and the law has been the highlight of my professional life. if the senate sees fit to confirm me to the position to which i've been nominated today, i promise to continue on that course." mcconnell called garland to tell him to not even bother showing up to
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won't meet with him. 3 the president of northern kentucky university once worked with judge 19- 97, geoffrey mearns assisted in the prosecution of oklahoma city bombing suspect, terry nichols. mearns was interviewed for the job by judge garland who worked at the justice department at the time and oversaw the investigation into the bombing. 3 geoffrey mearns: :he understood the broader context in which we were operating. that we weren't simply trying to get a conviction. that we were trying to conduct ourselves as representatives of the united states in a way that would bring respect for the outcome. not just acceptance but respect that the process was fair."mearns describes judge garland as modest and warm - qualities he believes have made him an effective federal judge. 3 a couple of ingredients you can find in your kitchen.. may be the key to fighting the spread of the zika virus. researchers in new mexico are mixing lemongrass oil with sugar, yeast and heat to create a microscopic food source for hungry mosquito larvae. the mixture kills
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five days. researchers say the lemongrass oil shuts down the organisms' nervous, digestive and respiratory system. 3 get out your green for the luck o' the irish.the national retail federation -- this year -- americans celebrating st. paddy's day are expected to spend about four and a half billion dollars.but easter will cost you even more. 3 the retailers group says we will spend more than 17- billion on easter.that's roughly 146 bucks -- per person.and it's the highest amount allocated for easter since the survey started 13 years says most of that money goes to food.. and then easter and candy are split pretty evenly.and flowers round out the list. expect spring sales to encourage you to spend more. 3 3 3
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3 the happiest people on earth. up next, we'll tell you where they live.popping bubbles.. not bottles.we'll show you the innovative wedding dress style
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3 move over disney world!the united nations says denmark has the happiest people on earththe results come after a study of 156 countries.5- point- 6 million people live in the scandinavian country. access to health care, positive family relations, job security and political freedom contributed to the country's happiness.denmark's high rates of volunteering is also considered a potential factor. 3 an oregon boutique owner is showing off an odd creation in the display's a wedding dress made out of
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is on display next to other outfits made out of more traditional material.the store has a history of creating eye- catching window the past, it's displayed dresses made out of playing cards, candy, maps, and recycled exams and scantrons from ohio university. 3 she's not letting anything stop her.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's megan moore will introduce us to a local woman who is dreaming big. 3 ohio's highest court rules on an execution.coming up at five thirty.. we'll have an update
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3 now at five thirty.accused of stealing money from a sick information on the search for two kentucky women. 3 will there be another g- o- p debate?we have the latest details on campaign 20- 16. 3 a miami university student born with a rare disorder has big dreams to inspire others. that story coming up. 3 good morning.we'll get to
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moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm.
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3 ohio can try again to execute a man convicted of murder decades ago. the state supreme court rules a botched attempt seven years ago does not constitute cruel and unusual punishment. romell broom was convicted of murder for stabbing a 14-year old cleveland girl in 1984. broom's scheduled execution was never carried out. authorities tried for two hours to find a vein to administer his lethal injection.. but could not. 3 two kentucky women are accused
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baby's go- fund- me account. laura leinghang -- who lives in washington state -- trusted a friend to handle the account to raise money for her child's medical issues.lucas was born with a congenital heart defect. but when leinghang went to collect the two thousand dollars to pay hospital bills -- it was gone.kristal lynn seli and her partner jennifer byassee allegedly took it all. 3 (laura leingang/mother) (1:26) "to pick on people that are already going through something. it takes a pretty special breed of evil." (1:33) leingang has reported the case to federal authorities.the two suspects are from kentucky.. but officials aren't sure where they are hiding out. 3 there are questions this morning about whether the last three republican presidential candidates will debate again. fox news cancelled it debate next monday after frontrunner donald trump said he wouldn't be there.john kasich bailed out when he heard trump wasn't going.ted cruz says trump is scared..and the billionaire's path to the nomination remains complicated.the g- o- p frontrunner issued a warning
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delegate lead and republican leaders don't nominate him for president at the convention. 3 (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate)(:58) "if we're, you know, 100 short, and we're at 1100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400, because we're way ahead of everybody, i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think you'd have riots." (1:10) ted cruz pulled in more delegates on tuesday.. and is holding onto a clear second- place position, dismissing kasich's claim that the g- o- p fight is still a three- man race. 3 our megan moore joins us with a story about a west chester native who was born with a rare neurological disorder... but she isn't letting her condition get in the way of her dreams. megan zahneis has never let the challenges that come with living with her disorder hold her back. though she is just a freshman at miami university.. she could certainly teach a course on inspiration 1- 0- 1. 3 hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type 2...if you've never heard of it...that's because it's quite rare. "50 cases in the world,
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megan zahneis was born with... and it means that i don't feel pain, temperature and touch to the same degree as everyone else. as a side effect of that i'm also deaf, among other things."she's been through a lot...22 surgeries, i've had speech therapy, i went to speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy every week until i was 10."born with moderate hearing loss megan eventually got cochlear implants, one when she was 7, the other just before her 11th birthday. first helping her to hear again megan says cochlear, the company that created the implants, recently awarded her a scholarship for her academic achievements and leadership. "that was enough of a gift, but for them to give me money on top of that to help pursue my dreams in college, i couldn't ask for much more." now on her own as a college freshman she's had a lot to adjust to... "i'm totally 100%
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implants at night."she uses an alternative alarm clock to wake her up. "first option we tried involved vibrating discs that you put under your mattress."waking to a room full of inspirational quotes...this journalism student too hopes to inspire others. despite the hand she's been dealt she's never let her disability dictate her success. if given the chance to rewrite her life story megan says she wouldn't. "i wouldn't be so passionate about writing, about public speaking, about sort of changing this pardigm regarding difference and disability if i didn't have a disability.""if i can die knowing that i've made one person's life better, you know at the end of the day that's enough for me." 3
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paper, she's a founding member of a disability advisary council on campus and she's a correspondent for m- l- b dot com . 3 join the facebook conversation. we want to know -- what's the luckiest thing to ever happen to you?plus, finding a needle in a haystack.or a diamond in the rough.we'll tell you what this couple had to do to find a missing ring. 3
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missining riri3 it's saint patrick's day!so we want to know if you have the luck of the irish.what's the luckiest thing to happen to you?
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3 we want you 3 to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 millennials love tiny houses. but do they love tiny cars? we'll tell you what a new study shows about this
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3 3 alleged kalamazoo mass shooter jason dalton is suing uber for 10- million dollars.he claims his work as an uber driver caused psychological damage. police say dalton went on a shooting rampage across
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and injuring two others, all while picking up fares for the online ride sharing site. dalton told investigators that uber's app took over his body and made him shoot at random targets.he faces 16 criminal charges including six counts of murder. 3 pennsylvania is one step closer to legalizing medical marijuana a 149 to 43 vote, the state house of representatives passed the, the bill heads back to the senate for additional review.pennsylvania governor tom wolf voiced his support for the measure, applauding the lawmaker's efforts.he says he looks forward to the bill reaching his desk to be signed into law. 3 when first lady michelle obama leaves the white house next january she says she has no intention of returning. specifically, she has no plans of running for president.the first lady made that point clear while speaking at the south by southwest festival in austin, texas. 3 (michelle obama/first lady) (:01) "i will not run for
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the reasons why - because i've got these two young people at home, and being the kids - the daughters of a president - just think about it. come on young people - not so easy. they've handled it with grace and with poise, but enough is enough." (:29)mrs. obama has pursued a wide range of causes while first lady.. in particular for children's health.she says she intends to continue serving in that capacity when she leaves the white house. 3 when it comes to young people buying s- u- v's, it appears bigger is says its midsize s- u- v, the explorer, is more popular than the compact escape with millennials.those are people between the ages of 25 and 34. it was believed the group preferrs smaller s- u- v's because they're less expensive and easier to park.but ford says older millennials are moving to the suburbs and having children... and that means larger s- u- v's are a better option.
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talk about a 3 diamond in the rough.a missouri couple lost their 12- carat diamond ring in eight tons of the duo got the wedding ring back is, they say, no less than a miracle. 3 (bernie squitieri, ring buried in 8 tons of trash) (:50) "we had these white jump suits on. we had helmets on. we had masks. we had goggles."(carla squitieri, ring buried in 8 tons of trash) "like ghostbusters." (bernie squitieri, ring buried in 8 tons of trash) "like ghostbusters. (they laugh)" (1:00)carla squitieri accidentally dropped her ring in the trash.. and then went to answer the door and forgot about it.the next morning.. a garbage truck stopped at the house. carla's ring mixed in with the trash of more than 900 carla and her husband bernie suited up to find the rings. a waste management worker ended up finding them after a day's worth of digging. 3 3
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3 absorbing nutrients without eating veggies.coming up at six.. we'll show you the local
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get healthier.see you later alligator.that's what city officials are telling one pet owner.we'll tell you the story
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3 it looks like a special effect... but it was all too real.during the last few seconds of a new york newscast -- lightning struck the top of one world trade's not the first time the skyscraper has taken a lightning strike but the
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was world trade center is the tallest building
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